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ICOM International Training Centre for Museum Studies.

The ICOM International Training Centre for Museum Studies (ICOM-ITC), housed at the Palace Museum in Beijing, China, is a collaboration between ICOM, ICOM China and the Palace Museum. The operation and management of the centre is conducted by the Palace Museum. By providing inclusive and participatory training programmes for museum professionals, the centre is intended to “promote research and exchange among museums at an international level and develop the museum expertise of professionals from developing countries, especially those from the Asia-Pacific region,” where the museum sector is growing rapidly and there is a high demand for museum professionals. In addition, in keeping with the ICOM 2011-2013 Strategic Plan, the centre provides ICOM members from developing countries with the opportunity to participate in ICOM-led training programmes in areas relevant to museum management. The ICOM-ITC was officially inaugurated on 1 July, 2013, as a result of the resolution presented during the 25th General Assembly in Shanghai in November 2010, which was approved at the Executive Council meeting in April 2013.

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